Friday, May 28, 2021

From Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits at the National Maritime Museum.

Henry VII @National Portrait Gallery

I received an invitation to the press opening for a new exhibit. From Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich (as in London, not Connecticut), but, alas, I had to decline as the UK has not yet opened to overseas visitors, even fully vaccinated ones.

 The majority of the portraits are from London's National Portrait Gallery, which is undergoing a major renovation and will reopen in 2023.   It is a fabulous exhibit!  How do I know this, dear readers? 

 I saw the exhibit in November 2018 when I went to Texas to spend Thanksgiving week with a friend, who lives in Austin. She and I traveled to Houston to see  From Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits, which was fabulous and well worth the trip.

The exhibit moved to the Bendigo Art Gallery in Bendigo, Victoria in Australia, and is now back in England at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

The official opening was today, May 28, and runs through October 31, 2021.   

From Holbein to Warhol, the depth of portraiture is outstanding.  I understand this exhibit had added portraits from the National Maritime Museum, which were not included in the Houston exhibit. 

This exhibit was produced in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery.

Take the time to absorb each portrait, whether it be a painting or a photograph, you are in the presence of History. 

Anne Boleyn  @National Portrait Gallery

Charles II @National Portrait Gallery

Elizabeth I @National Portrait Gallery

Queen Elizabeth II @William Hustler and Georgina Hustler/ National Portrait Gallery 

@National Portrait Gallery

King George III  @National Portrait Gallery

Henry VII I @National Maritime Museum

Henry VIII  @National Portrait Gallery

James II  @National Maritime Museum

Queen Anne @National Portrait Gallery

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth @Thomas Struth

Queen Victoria @National Portrait Gallery

The wedding of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth @National Portrait Gallery

William III  @National Maritime Museum

Tickets are available online.  Please pay attention to all the Covid-19 restrictions.  Masks are required for visiting the exhibit.,The%20exhibition%20is%20now%20open.

The companion book, Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits, is available for sale at the National Maritime Museum's bookstore. 

You can also order this book from Amazon.

There is so much to see and do in Greenwich. There are several different transportation options including my favorite, the river bus.

And if you are in the mood for a good meal, I recommend the Admiral Hardy Pub, which is not too far from the Cutty Sark.  


Unknown said...

I saw this exhibition in Bendigo. It was wonderful.

skupachk said...

I saw this exhibition in Bendigo - it was fabulous. I spent almost three hours wandering and admiring the exhibits. I was amazed that they still had a glove from Elizabeth I. It was with much sadness that they had run out of stock of the commemorative guide. I totally recommend to anyone who can to go.