Friday, January 24, 2020

A QVD engagement

Benjamin Leopold Sewell is the younger of two sons of Percy Sewell (1958) and Alice Louise Esther Margot Huntington-Whiteley (1961), the eldest of three children of the late Sir Miles Huntington-Whiteley, Bt, and H I ll H Countess Victoria Adelheid of Castell-Rüdenhausen.    Countess Victoria was the third and youngest child of Princess Caroline Mathilde (Calma)  of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1912-1983) and her first  husband, H I ll H Count Friedrich of Castell-Rüdenhausen (1906-1940).   Friedrich was killed in action two years after his marriage to Calma had ended in divorce.

Lady Huntington-Whiteley is a first cousin of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

Princess Caroline Mathilde was the fourth child of HRH Prince Charles Edward (Carl Eduard) of Albany, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and HH Princess Viktoria Adelheid of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg.   Duke Carl Eduard was the posthumous son of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, youngest son of Queen Victoria, and Princess Helena of Waldeck und Pyrmont.

Louise and Percy were married on February 1, 1985 at the Chapel Royal, St. James's Palace.

Benjamin, who is known as Benjy, is also the great-great-grandson of the late Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin,1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley.

He was born July 15, 1990 at Horton Maternity Hospital, Banbury, Oxfordshire. Benjy attended Harrow School and the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where he received a BA in History in 2012.  Benjy is a Trainee Investment Manager at Quilter Cheviot Ltd

Alice Sarah Hobden is the daughter of Michael Charles Hobden and Deborah Gillian Blakeney.  She was born in October 1989 in London..

 Alice and Lady Olivia Marquis celebrated their 18th birthdays with a joint party at Chloe's.

Mr. Hobden and Alexander von Solodkoff, the husband of HH Duchess Donata zu Mecklenburg, are former directors of 67 Ongar Road Ltd, a London property management company.  Hobden, who lives in Chelsea with his wife, Deborah, is a director of at least 18 different firms.

In 1978, Michael founded Poundminster, a Chelsea-based property management company, which is now run by his son, David.

Queen Victoria - Prince Leopold - Carl Eduard  - Caroline Mathilde - Victoria Adelheid - Louise - Benjamin


Unknown said...

Thank you for this. A little confused though. You say she was born in October 1989 and then post an article to Tatler, for her 18th birthday that is dated for August 2011? Is the Tatler one the same individual? As there is definitely an Alice born in the fall of 1989, in the location you say? Thanks.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The date of the article is when Tatler put it on the website -- it happened several years earlier .. the same year, they also posted Lady Olivia's 21st birthday party as well

Unknown said...

I wondered if that might be it. Thank you.