Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Baptism of the heir to Isenburg

@Fürst von Isenburgische Rentkammer

The infant son of the Prince and Princess of Isenburg was recently baptized at Birstein.  He was given the names Franz Salvator Ferdinand Bonifatius Wilhelm Maria.

The Hereditary Prince was born on August 8.

He was baptized according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church, and he wore a an 18th century baptismal gown that once belonged to the Dukes of Ossuna.

The godparents are HI & RH Princess Sophie of Prussia (sister of the Prince of Isenburg), Dr. Simon Lorenz (brother of the Princess of Isenburg), Baron Franz Mayr-Melnhof-Sarau, Kai-Harald Solmitz and HSH Hereditary Prince Casimir of Ysenburg und Büdingen.

Pope Francis sent the Prince and Princess an apostolic greeting that was read at the baptism.




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