Tuesday, December 24, 2019

It is about the continuity of succession!

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This photo was released yesterday by Buckingham Palace in advance of Queen Elizabeth II's Christmas speech tomorrow (which was taped at Windsor Castle).

The photo includes four photographs:  George VI,  the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall,  the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children, and the Duke of Edinburgh.

This display caused outrage, indeed, frothing from the mouths and need to change their Depends, from Meghan stans.  A stan is an obsessed fan, someone who is crazed out of their mind.  In other words, they are clueless and refused to understand anything about the monarchy.   These pants wetting stans were oozing hate about the Queen saying she snubbed the Sussexes because their photo was not included  in the display.    

A photo of my favorite royal, Princess Alexandra, is not included.  I mean, really, no photo of Alexandra, who is the Queen's favorite first cousin, as well as the first cousin, once removed, of the Duke of Edinburgh.

There is a huge difference between Meghan stans and fans of the Duchess of Sussex,  a large group of the latter have been dubbed the Sussex Squad, a group that has taken on charitable projects in honor of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  They are also vocal in their defense against the numerous racist press coverage of the Duchess.

Stans, of course, are another matter.  They are as bad as those who hate Meghan. This latter group is largely pro-Trump (YUCK) or pro-Tory, white, older women who spew hated, bile, bigotry and racism, on a daily basis -- and the main subject of their bile is one who does not deserve this hatred: the very lovely Duchess of Sussex.

Here is last year's released photo.  Notice again, the product placement - the product being the monarchy and the placement of the photos.

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From 2016.    Notice a pattern.

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From 2008 - again the photos are of those closest to the throne.

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From 2004     

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And from the Queen's first televised Christmas speech

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Seriously, if you do not get it now ... there are a lot clueless people on Twitter.

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