Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Rowan Lascelles sentenced to jail

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Rowan Nash Lascelles, 42, has been sentenced to 16 weeks in jail for a "racially aggravated crime."

Lascelles is the second child of the Hon. James Lascelles and his first wife, Frederika Duhrsson, an American. The Daily Mail has had several articles on Rowan's legal issues. He is 61st in line to the throne, not 65th. He is not an aristocrat. He is the son of a younger son of an earl. He is a commoner. His father is the second of three sons of the late George, 7th Earl of Harewood, and Marion Stein.  Rowan's uncle, David, is the present  - and 8th -- Earl of Harewood.

He is also not a royal.  Yes, Rowan is a great-great-grandson of King George V.  His great-grandmother was Princess Mary (1897-1965), King George V's only daughter, who married the 6th Earl of Harewood.  The late 7th earl was one of Queen Elizabeth II's first cousin. 

James and Frederika lived in a commune in Suffolk when their children were young.  He was a co-founder of the band,  Global Village Trucking Company.  The commune was located in a farmhouse in Suffolk owned by James and his younger brother, Jeremy, who was the band's manager.

In 2006,  Rowan was in Cambodia, when he was arrested for throwing a Russian man's laptop into a Phnom Penh lake.  He was given the nickname Mr. Lop Lop (Mr. Silly) refused to apologize for his behavior.  His passport was briefly confiscated by the local police.

According to his Linkedin profile, worked for the Footsbarn Theatre company, an international touring company, based in France since the 1990s, when he and his sister, Sophie, and their mother, Fredericka, who made masks for the company.  It appears that Sophie met her future husband, Tim Pearce, through the company, as he also worked for Footsbarn.   Since 1991, Fredericka has been married to Paddy Hayter. the company's artistic director.   Footsbarn began in Cornwall but is now based in Maillet, France.  

[The couple met at a festival in 1980.  Fredericka left her first husband to join Footsbarn.]

In 2016,  he was with Footsbarn, but it appears that he is no longer with the traveling company.  His father,  James, has two more children by Lori Shadow, a Native American, and is now married to a Nigerian actress, Joy Elias-Rilwan.   They live in London.  James Lascelles is still a musician.  In 2008, the Prince of Wales hired James and his group to provide music at an event at Highgrove.

Rowan has been living in a homeless shelter named for his great-great-grandfather.

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Mr. Olesinski said...

Not only is he a commoner but the second son of an earl and indeed an earl himself, are also commeners. The only member of this family that was royal was George V's daughter.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The earl is not a commoner. He is peer of the realm. The only people who are not commoners are peers and the sovereign.

Unknown said...

I did rehab with Rowan in 2007. We fought like cat n dog.
He was thrown out