Friday, August 9, 2019

An heir for the Isenburgs

The Princess of Isenburg has given birth to a son and heir.  The announcement was made on the Prince of Isenburg's official website.

The Hereditary Prince was born in Munich on August 8.  He has been named Franz Salvator Ferdinand Bonifacius Wilhelm Maria.

This is the third child for the Prince and Princess of Isenberg.  They have to young daughters, Princess Alix and Princess Zita.

HSH  Alexander Wolfgang Georg Paul Maria, Prince of Isenburg married  Dr. Sarah Lorenz, a plastic surgeon on June 14, 2014.  He succeeded as Prince following the death of his father, Franz Alexander, in May 2018.

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(maddy) said...

This is very off-topic, but I was doing a bit of a Wikiwalk through the House of Habsburg-Lorraine (as one does), and ended up in one of the branches of the House of Liechtenstein. To cut a long story shorter, I was wondering if you had any idea what nationality would all the Princes and Princesses of Liechtenstein who were born in Austria (or going back to Austria-Hungary) have? Would they all have Liechtenstein citizenship from birth? Or would they have Austrian only? Or both eventually depending on where they were brought up?