Friday, October 25, 2019

Norwegian publisher pulls Shaman's book

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 Derek Verrett, a self-proclaimed Shaman,  is the author of a book, Spirit Hacking, that has caused a bit of controversy.   He is the boyfriend of Princess Martha Louise of Norway.

Norwegian publisher  Cappelen Damm has decided to not publish a Norwegian translation of the book because Durek claims that children get cancer because they are unhappy.

Publisher Knut Ola Ulvestad told VG, an Oslo-based newspaper:  "The fact that we stop the book is more about the ethical and the thinking with the heart, rather than the legal side of this. It's all about making the right choice. Last week, when I read through the Norwegian translation and found the parties dealing with the causes of cancer and treatment, it became impossible to publish this book. If this is read literally, it can simply be harmful."

He added: "This led to a good and critical discussion at the publisher. We all have friends and colleagues affected by cancer, who have children affected by cancer. And what Durek writes about, for example, is that when children have cancer, it is because they are unhappy and thinking about it, so yes, I simply do not have an adequate comment on this....We have made a mistake and are now choosing to take the consequences."

The book has the support of Princess Martha, who wrote on her Instagram account : "This book is something else. Read it and find out for you self how to hack your spirit, stop being a bobble head or a sheeple and get on the lit train for GIANTS. So proud of your work, my love."

Swedish publish Nona has announced that it will also stop publishing Verrett's book.

One Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet, reviewed the English-language edition, calling it "Crazy man's speech."  The reviewer added that Verrett claims that cancer is "self-inflicted."

Crown Prince Haakon, who is Martha Louise's brother, has weighed into the fray, according to Norwegian historian, Oskar Aanmoen: "It is up to the publisher whether they want to publish a book or not. We have a different approach to these issues. I base my opinions on research and the Norwegian health system."

According to press reports, Verrett says he plans to sue Norwegian media for "bullying."

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Unknown said...

This whole situation is sad. That this man is so toxic that he would make such a claim, that Martha Louise can not see this predator for what he is, and that the Norwegian Royal family is being embarrassed by this whole fiasco.