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American woman now Marchioness of Ormonde

October 29, 1919

James Edward William Theobold Butler. the 3rd Marquess of Ormonde, died on October 26 at the age of 75.  He was survived by his wife, the former Lady Elizabeth Grosvenor, daughter of the 1st Duke of Westminster, and their two daughters, Lady Beatrice Poole-Carew and Lady Constance Butler and three grandchildren.

As he has no male heir, the peerages were inherited by his brother, James Arthur Wellington Foley Butler, who was styled as Lord Arthur Butler.  He succeeded as the 4th Marquess of Ormonde and 2nd Earl of Ormonde, Earl of Ossory and Viscount Thurles.    On March 8, 1887, he married Ellen Stager, an American heiress, the daughter of Gen Anson Stager.

After their marriage, Ellen, whose personal fortune at the time was $1,000,000,  was styled as Lady Arthur Butler.  Her father was the co-founder of Western Union.

The new Lord and Lady Ormonde are the parents of four children: Lady Evelyn (1887) who is married to Edmund Drummond, younger brother of the Earl of Perth; George(1890), whose wife is the Hon. Sybil Fellowes, daughter of the 2nd Baron de Ramsey, James (1893) and Lady Eleanor (1894)

The eldest son, George, is now styled as the Earl of Ossory and his son, James Anthony Butler, has the courtesy title, Viscount Thurles.

Due to the double-tax situation as the late Marquess had only daughters,  it was decided that the new Marquess' elder son, Lord Ossory, will inherit Kilkenny Castle in Kilkenny, Ireland, and other family properties.

The castle has been in the Ormonde family since 1391 when James Butler, 3rrd Earl of Ormonde bought the property.  The Butler family was one of the most powerful families in Ireland for several centuries.  The 19th Earl of Ormonde was created the 1st Marquess of Ormonde in 1825 (in the peerage of the United Kingdom.)

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