Friday, August 19, 2016

Liechtenstein's National Day

One of my Twitter friends,  Arjan Brouwer, traveled from his home in the Netherlands to Vaduz, Liechtenstein, for that country's National Day on August 15.  The Staatfeiertag is attended by members of the Princely Family including the Prince and Princess of Liechtenstein, the Hereditary Prince and Princess and other members of the family.

Arjan is the copyright holder.  Please do not reproduce without his permission.  You can follow him on Twitter @houseoflemon

Hereditary Princess Sophie with Arjan

Princess Margaretha (wife of Prince Nikolaus)

Prince Nikolaus

Hereditary Prince Alois

Prince Constantin

Prince Hans Adam

Princess Marie Caroline and one of her brothers 

Princess Marie, the wife of Prince Constantin

The Hereditary Prince and Princess with two of their sons

The Prince and Princess

Hereditary Prince Alois

Schloss Vaduz


Ania said...

Wow Great! But i have a question. Is it possible that on the Liechtenstein National day ordinary people can talk with royals ale także pictures with them?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Sure. The liechtensteiners are a princely family, not royal. Very small country, about 37,000 people.

John said...

The schloss doesn't look that large, from the photos anyway. Who is known to make that their residence, other than the Furst and consort?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I had a private tour - back in 1989. It is bigger than the photo shows, as there are different wings. The Prince and Princess and the Hereditary Prince and Princess and their children live there. Nikolaus and Margaretha have their own home. Maximilian and Constantin and their families live outside the country, but one assumes there are places for them to stay
when they visit