Thursday, August 18, 2016

Leo van de Pas (1942-2016)

Leo van de Pas, the noted Dutch-Australian genealogist, died yesterday in Australia.  He was 73 years old.

Leonardus Francisus  Maria van de Pas was born on October 28, 1942 in De Bilt, the Netherlands, the second son and fourth child of Willem de Pas, a Dutch writer.   After serving in the Dutch military in New Guinea,  Leo emigrated to Australia.

From Ian Fettes, who worked with Leo on site maintenance.

"Leo van de Pas (Leonardus Franciscus Maria) was born on 28 October 1942 in De Bilt, the second son and fourth child in a family of five of Dutch historical and religious author, Willem van de Pas. He worked in various clerical positions before and after serving with the Dutch Army (National Service) in New Guinea in 1962.

In 1968 he migrated to Perth, Western Australia where he became an assistant of author G.M. Glaskin, at the same time working for Ansett Airlines and developing his genealogical interests.

In 1994, because of health reasons, he retired from Ansett Airlines, a few years before this Airline folded due to mismanagement. Glaskin, aged seventy-six, died in March 2000 and, in early 2002, Leo moved to Canberra to be closer to his own family in Australia.

With international acclimation growing for his genealogical collection, Leo was concerned that this resource would be lost to the genealogical community if it was not placed into the public domain. With the help of several friends his website was launched in 2003 and has continued to grow in size and use.

Of particular importance to Leo was the requirement to maintain the data in an accurate and reliable fashion based on secondary published works. He always considered himself to be a 'gatherer' of information from these works and left others to be the 'hunters' from primary sources.

His extensive private library has enabled Leo to develop a very impressive knowledge of European royalty and nobility, together with other people of interest to him, through incorporation of their information into his database. With such contributions from others and through his own knowledge he has helped very many people, both online and offline, with their genealogy enquiries.

Leo never married nor had children and lived a quiet, private life. However he had an extensive range of good friends who very much valued his friendship. Nothing was too much trouble for Leo if someone needed help or assistance in any way.

Om 17 August 2016, Leo passed away in Canberra after a short convalescence, aged seventy-three. He is survived by his elder sister Riett (Anna Marie) in The Netherlands.

The genealogics website will continue to operate , managed by myself in a maintenance mode. I will be able to make corrections to data when advised but I do not have the skill or resources to continue Leo's work. Despite that, I hope the website will continue to assist many people.


Ian Fettes "

For more information his his career:


Mark Ballard said...

I have used his marvelous website Genealogics extensively in my own genealogical gatherings. He will be missed.

Michael Rhodes said...

Very sad news. A great loss.

MAXny said...

So sad! RIP! May his work continue on!

Ron said...

I have used his site constantly for many years. I once wrote him to thank him for creating and maintaining it. His response was humble and warm.

Unknown said...

WITH GREAT SADNESS I WAS INFORMED TODAY THAT ONE OF MY GOOD FRIENDS MR. LEO VAN DE PAS FROM AUSTRALIA HAD PASSED AWAY. WE SHARED 20 YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP AND EXCHANGE OF GENEALOGICAL INFORMATION TOGETHER. WITHOUT HIM I WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO PRESENT . (((Special thanks go to my mother for keeping track of our family bible, and to my great grandmother for having kept records in it. I would like to particularly thank: Gerhard Gastel, Prof. Genealogist Klaus Siefert, Christian Vieser, Kurt-Walter Friedrich, Ortsheimatpfleger Heiko Völker, Mariam Cheshire, Harvey Lineback, Denis Graham, Horst Görlich, Dan Pomerleau, Dipl. Bibliothekar Guenter Todt, and Klaus F. Augustiny for their valuable help and last but not least Prof.Dr. Günther Schweizer and Professional Genealogist Leo van de Pas who made my dreams come true))) I AM TRULY SHOCKED AT THIS MOMENT, CAN'T WRITE AN ECOLOGY DUE TO LOSS OF WORDS BUT MY DEAR LEO BE ASSURED THAT YOU WILL BE ALWAYS IN MY HEART. I AM SO VERY THANKFUL THAT I HAVE MET SUCH A HELPFUL, KIND AND KNOWLEDGEABLE GENTLEMAN IN MY WORLD!

Mark Wills said...

What a wonderful man! Genealogy is my passion also. Lovely remembrances of him. May he RIP.

Maureen said...

I loved his site. He had a passion for genealogy. RIP Leo, I will miss you.

Awe-Inspiring Earth: People, Places and Things! said...

For years, Leo and Gerald were inspirational friends and neighbors in Perth when I arrived from London, before I returned to my native USA in 1976. -Timothy George Hare

Unknown said...

Concerned about the fires, I searched for cousin Leo, found yoyr tribute. Leo and I descend from Van de Pas brother and sister from Hoogeloon, The Netherlands. We were in touch for a few years about 2005 or so. He sent me book on famous Van de Pas engravers. I am sorry he has passed on...a dear fellow. My paternal WILLIAMS line is Gerhardus Jacobus WILLEMS and wife Helena Van de Pas..their son Antonius who married Anna Barbara LUDWIGS..migrated to Blankenheim, Ger. My line went 1883 to Wisconsin, USA. I am Audrey WILLIAMS Stanaland. I have a public tree on Ancestry and have DNA tested my brother, via FTDNA to 111 markers, Family Finder and the BigY700. Tree is STANALAND and WILLIAMS (WILMS) ROOTS