Thursday, August 11, 2016

Isla & Orla: identified

This is a very complete obituary for the late Duke of Westminster.

The final paragraph states: "He is survived by his wife Tally, their four children, Tamara, Edwina, Hugh and Viola; grandchildren, Jake, Louis, Zia, Wolf, Isla and Orla. He is succeeded by his son, Hugh who becomes the 7th Duke of Westminster and leaves him a well-ordered Grosvenor Estate."

Jake and Louis are the children of Lady Tamara and her husband, Edward van Cutsem, and Zia and Wolf are the children of Lady Edwina and her husband, Dan Snow.

Isla van Cutsem and Orla Snow are the youngest children of Lady Tamara and Lady Edwina, both born last December.  (Thanks, Richard).

A private funeral was held today for the Duke of Westminster, and it was attended only by close family members.  A more public memorial service will be held later this year.

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