Thursday, December 3, 2015

Queen Olga welcomes the "Dollar Princess"

December 3, 1920

Members of Royal Family are "flocking back to Greece, " reports the New York Times.  Among the new arrivals in Athens is Princess Christopher, formerly Mrs. William Leeds.

The princess and her party traveled from Venice to Athens, first by a passenger steamer, then transferring to a Greek destroyer off the coast of Patras.   She was joined by Princess Andrew and several Greek politicians.  At Piraeus, the royal guests were welcomed by the Regent, Queen Olga, and a delegation of ministers.

Princess Christopher received a tender embrace from Queen Olga, as she set "foot on the land of her adoption."

Unfortunately, the destroyer arrived late, and it was already night, when the ship finally docked.  This lead to a "great disappointment" from the crowds which had gathered throughout the afternoon, hoping to get a glimpse and give a "cordial welcome" to Princess Christopher, whose "charm and wealth and the liberality with which she has financed the cause of Constantine have made a strike appeal to the Greek imagination."

The Greeks are fascinated by the American wife of Prince Christopher, who is immensely wealthy and has chosen to unite herself "to Greece and her destinies."

For the time being, Princess Christopher's arrival has "overshadowed the expected advent" of King Constantine.

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