Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Eitel Friedrich to be Brunswick regent?

December 15, 1905

Kaiser Wilhelm II's "recent unexpected" visit to Brunswick followed by the Grand Duke of Oldenburg's  "secret" visit may be connected with a plan to make Prince Eitel Friedrich, the Kaiser's second son, as the new Regent of the Duchy of Brunswick, reports the New York Times.

The present Regent, Prince Albrecht of Prussia, is  nearly 70 years old, and is "desirous of retiring."  He finds his duties more and more "distasteful.    The Grand Duke of Oldenburg's daughter, Sophie-Charlotte, is engaged to Prince Eitel-Friedrich.

The young prince is said to be a "great favorite" with the people,. and he would be welcomed in Brunswick as the new regent.   But his new position would widen the "already wide breach" between Wilhelm II and the Duke of Cumberland, the rightful heir to the duchy.  The Duke is disbarred from succeeding as he refuses to give up his claim to the throne of Hanover.

All efforts to bring a rapprochement between the Kaiser and the Duke of Cumberland have failed, and the blame is placed squarely on the shoulders of the Duke, who has given Wilhelm II "more than one distinct rebuff."

The Regent of Brunswick is elected by the Duchy's Diet, but it would be a rubber stamp vote for the Kaiser's nominee.

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