Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An update on Paul Lambrino

Paul Lambrino (self-styled Prince Paul of Romania) is now under house arrest.

In the 1950s, his father, Mircea Lambrino, won court cases in France and Portugal that established his position as a  legitimate heir of former King Carol II, for inheritance purposes in these two countries.

Mircea became a co-heir with his half (and legitimate) brother, King Michael, for property in these two countries.  The court rulings made no reference to titles as the courts in France and Portugal would not have the legal right to establish titles for the former Romanian monarchy.  However, this did not stop Mircea from adopting the use of the title HRH Prince Carol of Romania, although he was not entitled to the title.

Romanian courts have also upheld Paul Lambrino's right as an heir to private properties, but the Romanian courts also do not have the jurisdiction to rule on who is royal or not.

It suffices to say that Lambrino is in a lot of trouble regarding his alleged restitution claims for properties that never belonged to Carol II.

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