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Princess Eudoxia longs for home life

September 8, 1926

Princess Eudoxia of Bulgaria, the 28-year-old sister of King Boris, has had memoirs pubuished in Berlin's National Zeitung, according to the Associated Press. The memoirs shows that a princess does not always have a "soft snap."
In her memoirs, the princess described the "training she and her brother received for their royal station," but she confesses to a desire for a home life. Princess Eudoxia wrote that it "may seem anomalous in our present area of excitement but is perhaps to be explained by the absence of woman-suffrage in our country."
Bulgarian women, she noted, are rather "inclined to adapt themselves to the reasoning of men." She considers "such an innovation uncalled for."

She also refutes the notion that "princesses only wear gorgeous gowns and bedeck themselves with rare jewels."

"On stage and the screen, we are even portrayed with diamond crowns and robes of ermine. But as a matter of fact I prefer the simplest of clothes and during the last two years have only had two new gowns made, all-Bulgarian in style material and worksmanship."

Princess Eudoxia believes that acquiring Bulgarian-made clothes helps to alleviate "the distress of the many impoverished Bulgarians." She is convinced that a "woman serves her country and humanity best as a good housewife."

After she gets up and has breakfast, the princess "immediately helps her brother with his fairly bulky correspondence." She and the king have an early lunch, frequently dine together at 2 p.m. 
The hour before dinner is usually set aside "for official visits."

The Princess deplores "the lack of intimates," as most of her friends have married and moved abroad. She enjoys playing tennis and horseback riding. Sometimes, she and the King "take a motor ride or mount a motor cycle."

Princess Eudoxia is a competent linguist, and is flent in English, German, French, Italian and Russian, and is "thoroughly conversant with the literature of these languages."

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