Monday, May 18, 2009

Palace denies threatening letters to Victoria Luise

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 May 18, 1913

Palace officials are emphatically denying reports in Berlin newspapers that Princess Victoria Luise of Prussia has been the recipient of threatening letters.

The Princess will marry Prince Ernest Augustus of Cumberland later this month.
The Los Angeles Times reports that there is no truth to this story. "So great is the love of all classes of people for the Kaiser's daughter," said one police official, that I have no doubt even the most extreme anarchist would denounce and help to punish any word or act that would give pain to Her Imperial Highness."

It is a "general belief" that Kaiser Wilhelm II's only daughter is "universally beloved." She is considered the "one person in the empire whose influence over the Kaiser is absolute, and she has exercised it for good and popular ends."

It is understood that the story about the threatening letter originated with the suicide of a young student "who declared his love for the Princess was such that he could not bear to live and see her the bride of another man." He had seen the princess only a few times from a distance, but is room was "literally papered with pictures of the Kaiser's daughter at various ages, clipped from newspapers and magazines."

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