Friday, May 29, 2009

Infanta Beatriz to marry a cousin

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May 29, 1931

Infanta Beatriz is to marry her cousin, Prince Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon, according to a representative of her father, the exiled King Alfonso XIII of Spain. The princess and prince were reported to be engaged in March, but these reports were denied. The princess is 21, and Prince Alvaro, who is the son of Infante Alfonso of Spain and Princess Beatrice of Edinburgh, is a year younger. They have spent a lot of time together, and "friends call it a love match."

Don Alvaro is an airplane enthusiast like his father, and owns his own plane. Infanta Beatriz is interested in nursing and completed a nursing course in Madrid before the monarchy was abolished and the royal family left Spain.

In the past few years, Infanta Beatriz has been linked to the Prince of Wales, the Crown Prince of Italy, Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia and the Duke of Spoleto.

No date has been set for the wedding.

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