Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoia abolishes Salic Law

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This decision was made on December 28, 2019

Vittorio Emanuele's only child, Prince Emanuele Filiberto, is married to the French actress Clotilde Courau,  is the father of two daughters,  HRH Princess Vittoria Cristina Chiara Adelaide Maria of Savoy and HRH Princess Luisa Giovanna Bianca Agata Gavina Maria of Savoy.

Princess Vittoria and Princess Luisa  have been created Principessa di Carignano, Marchesa d'Ivrea and Principessa di Chieri, Contessa di Salemi, respectively.

Princess Vittoria celebrated her 16th birthday on December 28.  Princess Luisa is 13 years old.

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 This announcement did not go down well with the Duke of Aosta, whose son, Prince Aimone, Duke of Puglia, who is married to Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark.  The have three children, Prince Umberto, Prince Amedeo and Princess Isabella.

The Duke of Aosta's representative has issued a statement noting that the succession can only be changed with a modification to the Constitution.

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Unknown said...

According to the Genealogical Handbook of the nobility, Princely Houses ( Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels - Fürstliche Häuser 2018, Duke Amedeo of Savoy is the head of the House of Italy after the death of the last king. Prince Emanuele Filiberto's father already left the royal family because of his improper wedding.
Jürgen Schulz, said...

It seems all Pretenders have made similar changes without government recognition. So as head of House, VE is permitted. BUT just like Bourbon Sicilies, you hope that both heirs and heiress marry and bring both branches into one.

Time will tell I suppose.

George said...

One recalls from Henry V that trifling with the Salic Law is good cause for a war. For that matter the Pragmatic Sanction that allowed Maria Theresa the throne led to the War of the Austrian Succession.

Should we suspend plans to visit the region until the battles have been fought?

BlueSaphire70 said...

Well, it is about time! The Salic Law is as anachronistic as it can possibly get. We're in the 21st century, so everyone should inherit as they are born, first come first served!

Matteo said...

HRH The Duchess of Puglia was born "only" Princess of Greece, not of Denmark, without the style of RH. She was created Royal Princess and Royal Highness by the King Constantine before her marriage.

julaine said...

Do you have an opinion on who is right in this situation? I am torn. On one hand, there is no monarchy in Italy so really it is only a matter of House Law that the current Head can change. Anything that would actually effect the Italian State needs to conform to the Constitution and Laws of Italy and be done with the support of the Governing body. On the other hand, if it’s a matter of retaining the future rights of his bloodline by confirming to current standards of equality, that is certainly commendable. Besides an empty title is their other property or rights that are effected by this change? I know there are still jewels held in trust for “the rightful owners”. But is their real estate, holdings or other property or money at stake? said...

The Duke of Aosta is right. Same as the head of Bourbon Sicilies.. They cannot simply change the rules without constitution changes. Easier for both branches arrange marriages with senior and junior branches to keep within the family..

It would simply make followers for both branches to unite.. Same as the Bourbon Sicilies division.

Unknown said...

Prince Victor Emmanuel IV is little more than a common criminal and a murderer as well. I'm all for gender equality but wresting the Savoy headship away from his corrupted bloodline should take priority here. Count me as all-in for the Aostas here.