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a Boy for Count and Countess Folke

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January 30, 1930

Countess Folke Bernadotte af Wisborg has given birth to a son, reports the NewYork Times.  The baby was born earlier today in Stockholm.

The Countess is the former Miss Estelle Romaine Manville.  Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward Manville are now in Stockholm and they cabled the offices of the Johns Manville Company with the news of the birth.

The marriage between Miss Manville and Count Folke Bernadotte, a nephew of King Gustav V, took place on December 1, 1928 at St. John's Episcopal Church in Pleasantville, New York.

Count Folk is the son of Prince Oscar Bernadotte, who was formerly Prince Oscar of Sweden, Duke of of Gotland, the second son of King Oscar II and Queen Sophia.   He fell in love with Ebba Munck af Fukilia, a lady-in-waiting to then Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, the wife of Oscar's older brother, Gustaf.   As he married without the king's consent, Oscar lost his right of succession and his royal titles.   They married in Bournemouth on March 15, 1888.   Four years later, Oscar's uncle, Grand Duke Adolphe of Luxembourg bestowed the titles Prince and Princess Bernadotte and Count and Countess of Wisborg.

The infant has been named Gustav Edward and will be styled as Count Gustav Edward of Wisborg.

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