Monday, September 9, 2019

There will be a revolt if Charlotte dies

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 September 9, 1929

United Press is reporting that the "sudden illness of the beautiful young Princess Charlotte", the daughter of Prince Louis II of Monaco, has caused "suspension of the negotiations which she was conducting in behalf of her father with the dissatisfied citizens " of the small principality.

The Princess, who is the heiress apparent to the throne, is seriously ill and may die.   Her death could lead to a "revolt which has been smoldering against the Prince" for more than a year and would "blaze up immediately."

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Monaco's citizens are demanding a new Constitution and a committee of "themselves with power to supervise" the expenditure and income of the casino.

Prince Louis II is opposed to this demand because it would mean that his subjects would have "supervision over a considerable part of his income."

After his most recent refusal of their demands, Monegasques "delivered an ultimatum" that they would "seek influence" with French groups to annul the Franco-Monaco treaty, which allows Monaco's casino to offer roulette, which is not permitted in France's casinos.

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