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Princess Royal's illness is causing alarm

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September 30, 1929

The health of Princess Louise, the Duchess of Fife, eldest sister of King George V, is "causing some concern," reports the Associated Press.

A bulletin was issued earlier today.  "The Princess Royal had a slight gastric hemorrhage yesterday. Her Royal Highness passed a restful night but the condition of her heart causes some anxiety."

The Princess Royal is 62 years old, just two years younger than King George.  She was created Princess Royal in 1905 by her father King Edward VII.

She suffered from a "chill several days ago" which has "developed into gastric trouble with hemorrhage."   In 1925, she suffered from a similar ailment but recovered "in a comparatively short time" after receiving a blood tranfusion.

The Princess Royal is the widow of the Duke of Fife, who died in 1912.  She has two daughters, Alexandra, who is married to Prince Arthur of Connaught, and Maud, the wife the Lord Carnegie.

Alexandra, who succeeded her father, as the 2nd Duchess of Fife, is styled as RH Princess Arthur of Connaught.  Her younger sister, is Lady Maud Carnegie.  Her husband is the heir to the earl of Southesk.

The Princess is resting at her home in Braemar.

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