Thursday, September 5, 2019

Ernst August of Hanover to take son to court

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 Prince Ernst August of Hanover, 65, will be taking his elder son, Prince Ernst of Hanover to court in two to four weeks, reported FAZ on August 30.

Prince Ernst August wants to regain his German properties that were legally turned over to his son in 2004..  He is not happy with the younger Ernst August's agreement with the government of Lower Saxony regarding Schloss Marienburg.

At the beginning of 2020,  the younger Prince Ernst August will transfer the Schloss to a charitable foundation for one Euro.     The Lower Saxony government had previously dropped out of a plan to purchase the Schloss.   Papa had been opposed to this plan.

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Now he is also against the new foundation plan which Culture Minister Björn Thümler had negotiated after the first plan had failed.

Hereditary Prince Ernst August told FAZ that his father does not have a right to a reversal of the donation.  "That's done.  The topic is finished for me."

The state considers the senior Prince Ernst August to be irrelevant.  To ensure the legal transfer of Schloss Marienburg to a charitable foundation, an evaluation report was drawn up a few months ago.  Despite being a tourist site, Schloss Marienburg is considered worthless in its present state.

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Prince Ernst August wants to prevent Schloss Marienburg's transfer to the foundation. He has complained that his son  nor the government have not informed him about the plans for Schloss Marienburg.

The Lower Saxony government, however, does not consider the senior Ernst August to be a reliable person.

The office for the Welfen properties is in Gmunden, Austria.  In 2012, Papa was forced out from the administration of the family estates.


Iris said...

I have just looked at some photos of the interior of Marienburg online and it looks like a fairy tale castle. Do you happen to know why it is considered worthless? For example, does it have a shoddy roof, which would cost so much to replace that no tourist income would ever make up for it (or something like that)?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

the castle needs a lot of maintenance and restoration, including dry rot

Iris said...

Thank you for answering!