Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Prince of Castell-Castell's 90th birthday celebration

This lovely card arrived earlier this week.   H Ill H Albrecht, Prince of Castell-Castell celebrated his 90th birthday on August 13, 2015.   He has been married since 1951 to HSH Princess Marie Louise of Waldeck und Pyrmont.

The couple have six  (of eight) surviving children: Philippa (Princess Michael zu Salm-Salm); Johanna (Princess Johannes von Lobkowicz); Alexander, Georg, Ferdinand and Stephanie (Countess Georg von Khevenhüller-Metsch).

The eldest son, Hereditary Count Maximilian died at the age of 21 in December 1974.   A decade earlier, the couple's third daughter, Christina, was only two years old when she died.

The youngest son, Count Ferdinand, is the Hereditary Graf.  He is married to Countess Marie Gabrielle von Degenfeld-Schönburg,  They have five children, two sons and three daughters.

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