Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zita says no to Archduke's wedding

September 9, 1930

The chamberlain for the former Empress Zita of Austria today "issued a bulletin" saying that Zita refused to sanction Archduke Albrecht's marriage to Irene von Rudnay, reports the Associated Press. Zita said she acted for her son, Archduke Otto, who is heir to the former throne."
Albrecht's marriage was announced on August 26, ten days after he married Irene in Brighton, England. The marriage was not approved by his parents, and he "renounced all titles and privileges as a member of the Habsburg family." Albrecht also said that he and his wife would emigrate to Brazil. He was the candidate of anti-Legitimist party for emperor of Hungary, but before his marriage, he "swore allegiance" to Archduke Otto, the eldest son of the late Emperor Karl.

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