Thursday, September 23, 2010

Strained relations between Alexander and Nathalie

September 23, 1900

The strained relations between King Alexander of Serbia and his mother, Queen Nathalie, have "developed into an open rupture," since his marriage to Draga, who once served as Nathalie's lady-in-waiting.
The Marquise de Fontenoy reports that the Official Gazette, published in Belgrade on September 8, notes that the "ex-queen" Nathalie "has sent to her court marshall, who resides in Belgrade, an open postcard, on which she has written an attack on King Alexander and Queen Draga, couched in the most insulting terms."
The King has given notice through the Official Gazette "that all proceedings calculated to undermine the position and prestige of himself or of his consort will be regarded as treason, and the same measures will be taken against them as if they were traitors and rebels."
This may be the first occasion "on which a sovereign has publicly denounced his mother as guilty of high treason, and has threatened her with punishment as such."
Queen Nathalie lives in France, and is beyond her son's reach, but he has banished her court marshall and representative from the kingdom, and "has seized all of her effects at Belgrade, and has given directions that she is no longer to be regarded either by the clergy or by the government of Servia as a member of the ruling house."
King Alexander, "having cast of his father, has now done the same thing with regard to his mother."
In the same issue of the Gazette, prayers are being asked in all the churches of Servia for the new Queen, and "of her presentation to the Servian people of an heir to the throne."
The birth of a son would "contribute more than anything else to strengthen" Alexander's "dynastic position. He is in a unique predicament "among European sovreigns" as he does not have an heir," and if his reign were to come to a sudden end, :either through violent or natural death, his father, as his nearest and only relative, would have the best chance of securing the throne."
There is no real support for Milan's restoration to the throne.
King Alexander and Queen Draga have also received the good wishes of Nicholas II, who expressed his satisfaction for the marriage, and offers his "best wishes for the prosperity and happiness of your Majesty, and of her Majesty the Queen. I remain your good brother Nicholas."

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