Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hereditary Prince Christian zu Fürstenberg sets the date

Hereditary Prince Christian zu Fürstenberg and his fiancee, Jeanette Catherine Griesel, have set the date for their wedding. The civil marriage will take place on September 16 at noon, at Schloss Donaueschingen. Following the reception, Christian's parents, the Prince and Princess of Fürstenberg will host a reception at the schloss for several hundred guests.

Prince Christian, 30, and Miss Griesel, 27, will live in Paris after the wedding, although Schloss Donaueschingen will remain their primary residence. The couple met three years ago while skiing in St. Moritz. Griesel is the daughter of a Duisberg-based industrialist.

The couple have much in common. both like to travel, and in their spare time, they play polo. Both were on the team that won the Donaueschingen Cup in Fürstenberg. Christian is an economist specializing in real estate, and is preparing for his eventual role as head of the Fürstenberg princely family. Miss Griesel has a MBA from the European School of Business in Paris. Since 2009, she has been working on her doctoral thesis at Freien Universität in Berlin.

The religious wedding will take place in Rome two weeks later. They said they wanted to start a family right away.;art372512,4420116

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