Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Duke of Apulia denies abdication rumor

September 29, 1926

The Duke of Apulia, cousin of King Vittorio Emanuele of Italy, is not taking seriously a report in a Brussels-based Italian newspaper that he will become the next king of Italy.
"It's what you Americans call 'plain baloney," the Duke told an Associated Press reporter, shortly after his arrival with his bride, the Duchess of Guise.  The Duchess is the former Princess Anne of France.
The Duke would not answer further questions.  The "tall, angular son of the Duke of Aosta" appears "not perturbed at all" when he was told of reports that King Vittorio Emanuele would abdicate in his favor.  He "scarcely appeared interested."
"Just passing through," was the duke's response to the media's questions. 
The Duke and Duchess of Guise arrived in Los Angeles from Canada, where they spend an "extended honeymoon" touring the Northwest.
The report was published by The Observateur, a newspaper published by Italian emigrés living in Belgium.  It declared that the king "would abdicate as soon as the Chamber of Deputies a part of the official government."  The article also stated that the Duke of Apulia, and not the heir apparent, Prince Umberto, would "succeed to the throne."

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