Saturday, September 12, 2009

Majesty Magazine gets royal scoop

Majesty, the monthly British royal magazine, will have the exclusive photographs for the wedding today of Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor. The couple turned down a "life changing" amount of money from two glossy magazines, Hello and Ok! Both magazines offered the couple £600,000 for the exclusive rights to the wedding. The offers were declined. The amount was £100,000 more than Peter and Autumn Phillips received from Hello for the exclusive coverage of their wedding in May 2008.
Frederick and Sophie "certainly thought hard about it but in the end they decided it wouldn't be right."
Majesty's exclusive will include a post-wedding interview with Lord and Lady Frederick with the magazine's editor-in-chief, Ingrid Seward, who is a friend of Princess Michael of Kent.
Majesty Magazine did not have to pay for the wedding coverage.
Lady Frederick "wore a white pearl-coloured dress made of silk duchesse," which was designed by Anna-Roza Bistroff. The gown was complemented by a ten foot train
Sophie said that she "wept throughout the whole thing," referring to the wedding ceremony.
The bride and her father "swept into the grounds" of Hampton Court in a silver Rolls-Royce.
Although Sophie's father, Barry Winkleman, 70, is a non-practicing Jew, Sophie is not Jewish as her mother, Cindy Black, is a Christian.

Royal guests included the Duke and Duchess of Kent (the groom's aunt and uncle), and Princess Eugenie of York. The other guests included Rupert Evans and Jane Asher, who played the king and queen mother in The Palace, which also starred Sophie, director Mike Figgis, and the Canadian rock star, Bryan Adams. Princess Alexandra was accompanied by her grandson, Alexander Ogilvy. The Earl of St. Andrews, who is Frederick's godfather, and his wife were also present for the wedding.
Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece was also a guest, according to the Daily Mail.
It is assumed that other relatives of Prince and Princess Michael, which would include descendants of Princess Olga and Princess Elisabeth of Greece and Szapary relations.
It is possible that Prince Michael's first cousin, Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, was present for the wedding as her granddaughter, India Balfour, 7, was one of the bridesmaids. Princess Elizabeth is the daughter of the late Prince Paul and Princess Olga of Yugoslavia. Princess Olga was Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent's eldest sister.
Nother bridesmaid was nine-year-old Countess Tatiana Gabriella Margareta Szapary, another cousin of the groom. Tatiana's father, Count Peter, who is married to Sylvia van Kleef, is Princess Michael's first cousin. Peter is the third child of Count Lazslo Szapary and Charlotte Star-Busmann. Lazslo was born in 1910, but he did not marry until 1957. His sister, Maria Anna, is Princess Michael's mother. Tatiana's mother is a film producer. The Szaparys live in Naivasha, Kenya.
Lady Helen Taylor's six-year-old daughter, Eloise, was also a bridesmaid.
The Duchess of Cornwall was represented by her very pregnant daughter, Laura Lopes.
Asher and Evans read poems, "The Meeting" and "Christina Rosetti's Birthday,"during the wedding. The groom's sister, Lady Gabriella Windsor, read from the Song of Solomon.
The bride entered the church to Mozart's Laudate Dominum. The Hymns sung at the wedding included Be Thou My Vision, Dear Lord, I Vow to Thee My Country and Father of Mankind.
The Chapel Royal at Hampton Court was decorated with "white and pale pink roses and handmade jasmine garlands," according to the Daily Mail.
The couple will be moving to Southern California as Lady Frederick, who will continue to use her maiden name professionally, begins work on an American comedy series, 100 Questions for Charlotte Payne. Sophie will star as Charlotte Payne, and the comedy series is expected to premiere on NBC in March 2010, as mid-season replacement after the completion of the Winter Olympics, which will be seen on NBC.

According to the Times, Lord Frederick is expected to quit his job with J.P. Morgan's private banking department, but "is hoping to work for the bank in California."

The reception -- champagne, canapes and cake - was held in the Great Hall at Hampton Court. The newlyweds and their guests then made the short journey to Ormeley Lodge, Ham, the home of Lady Annabel Goldsmith for dinner and dancing. At the reception, the new Lady Frederick Windsor wore her husband's wedding gift: four strings of pearls with a large opal flower "adorned with diamonds."
The official photographs were taken by Sir Geoffrey Shakerley, BT, who is described by the Daily Mail as a friend of the Winklemans. This may be possible, of course, but Sir Geoffrey is married to Lady Elizabeth Anson, whose mother, Anne, was a niece of the late Queen Mother. Lady Elizabeth runs Party Planners. (One wonders why Princess Michael did not call Lady Elizabeth to help plan the wedding as Lady Elizabeth planned the wedding reception at Hampton Court for the Crown Prince and Princess of Greece. Lady Elizabeth also planned birthday parties for Lord Frederick and Lady Gabriella.)

Hampton Court was closed because of the wedding and reception. The only photographers who were present were the ones who were hired to photograph the wedding. It would have been largely impossible to catch a glimpse of all the guests, and then try to figure out Prince and Princess Michael's royal and princely relatives. I am not sure why the Daily Mail would list Prince Ernst August of Hanover as a possible guest, as he is not a close relative to either Prince Michael nor Princess Michael. But it is possible that Princess Irina of Hesse and her husband, Count Alexander von Schönburg-Glauchau were invited as Irina's mother is a cousin of Princess Michael. Ten years ago, Princess Michael and her two children attended Irina and Alexander's wedding. Every thing is based on supposition unless the bride and groom release a complete guest list. This is unlikely to happen.

The Times has a nice article on the wedding, but the writers got it wrong, once again. Lady Annabel Goldsmith is not Lord Frederick's godmother.

These articles also include photographs. I will not post the photographs on Royal Musings, as the photographs are copyrighted. The photos were released through the Press Association, Britain's domestic news agency, and the British newspapers are allowed to use the photos. As Royal Musings is not a member of the PA, I cannot use the photos unless I purchase them.


Anonymous said...

Sophie Winkleman has said in interviews that she's keeping her own name. So she's not "Lady Frederick Windsor". Very intelligent of her.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Only for her acting. She will be styled as The Lady Frederick Windsor socially and by the court. The Lady Frederick Windsor is not a name, but a courtesy title.

Harold Flagg said...

Any chance of an article based on the return of King Zog's remains? Also, I have not seen pictures of the royal palaces where the King Zog/Queen Geraldine fairy-tale romance and marriage took place.
Harold Flagg
Fort Lauderdale