Friday, September 26, 2008

Death of Princess Friederike of Hohenzollern

September 27, 1906. The Marquise de Fontenoy reports that Count Taveggi, who has lives in the USA as he is married to "the daughter of rich people of Jersey City, Mr and Mrs. Clement Heltenmeyer" is mourning the death of his grandmother, Princess Friederike of Hohenzollern. The princess died on September 7th. In 1844, the princess married her cousin, the Marchese Pepoli, whose mother, Laetitia Murat, was the daughter of the King of Naples.
The Princess and her husband had thre daughters, Laetizia, Antoinetta and Luisa Napoleona. In 1872, Antoinetta married Count Carlo Taveggi, and were the parents of two children, Frederica (Frida) and Giaoacchin (Joachim).
Frederica married back into the German nobility when she wed Baron Clement Geyr von Schweppenburg. Joachim headed to America, "where he underwent many hardships before finally leading to the altar an American heiress," Elfriede Heltenmeyer,
Count Taveggi and his wife reside in Jersey City with their two young children, Antoinetta and Clemente.
In 1910, Elfriede inherited a third of her father's multi-million fortune. Theodore Heltenmeyer was a major leather goods mamufacturer in Hoboken, New Jersey. Count Joachim was "expected to assume active management of the German branch" of his late father-in-law's business. The Taveggis planned to make their principal home in Kripp, on the Rhine River.

I do not have information on Joachim and Elfriede's descendants or if the family remained in Germany. The last reference to the family was in October 1921, when Countess A. Taveggi sailed on the George Washington for Bremen via Cherbourg. I am going to guess that the A. Taveggi was Joachim's daughter, Antoinetta.


principessa sissi said...

Very interesting!I'm italian,and I found news of the place of death count Gioacchino Taveggi and her daughters Antoinette Federique.I'm writing new paper article ,and I try historical photos,on the marriage of Mrs.Elfrida Heitenmeyer and count Taveggi,for to complete my article.Mrs.Elfrida lived about 25 years in my little town. Thanks for every thing. Daria

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Wonderful. Feel free to post the details of the deaths here.

Romolo said...

Gioacchino Napoleone Taveggi had two sons: Antonietta Matilde born in San Ruffillo, Bologna on 20th October 1904, and Clement Roberto born at Kripp (Remagen) on 27Th November 1905 and he will married in Bonn on 28th December 1934 with Victoria Schafer, and they had a son: Benito, born in Bonn the 8th May 1937.

principessa sissi daria said...

Ihave pubblisched my article,first part,in december 2009.I hope to continue my search in order to melt the mystery of countess Elfrida Heiteneyer Taveggi and the son count Robert Taveggi in my little town,second part.There are documents in pourpose? The place of death count Giacchino Taveggi? Thanks for every thiks Principessa Sissi Daria

nennwert said...

Hello Principessa Sissi Daria,

my name is Horst Krebs, I am from Germany and I live in a very small village called Kripp. Count Gioacchino Taveggi lived in Kripp and his Son Roberto was born in our village 1905. His Father was the builder of a factory here in Kripp, producing leather. I have a vidio of this factory. My Email adress is I would like to share information with you about Taveggi and Elfrieda Heitemeyer in hope to find Benito Taveggi a son of Clement Robert.
Horst Krebs

principessa sissi daria said...

Romulus hello!ahave you news at the death of count Gioacchino Taveggi?It is a mistery of his death!

principessa sissi daria said...

Dear Marlene,I am principessa sissi daria!I am worried,because my access is denied to the Royal Musings(it's a tecnical problem?)I want to continue to write and to receive updates on family TaveggI and I continue to be entered.Please answer my.Thanks for everythings.I confirm my registration.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

You are able to post... I have no control over technical things ..

Please feel free to post your genealogical information here.