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King Constantine II is in serious condition


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According to the Greek State broadcaster, King Constantine II of the Hellenes has been in Athens' Hygeia Hospital for several days. ERT.  His condition is described as "serious."\

The 82-year-old king has been hospitalized "several times" in the past few years.  He suffered two bouts of the coronavirus.   In 2021, he suffered pulmonary edema, and he also has mobility issues.  Constantine has been using a wheelchair for several years.

CNN Greece reports that Constantine has suffered a stroke and is in "critical condition."  He moved from his home in Porto Heli to Athens in 2021 to be closer to hospitals.  

Another source states that the king is in "critical but stable condition."   He suffered an "acute stroke" at his Athens home and was rushed to Hygeia Hospital.  The king is in the ICU.

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It is understood but not confirmed that Queen Anne Marie, their five children, and his two sisters, Queen Sofia of Spain and Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark are on their way to Greece or are already at his bedside.

King Constantine was last seen in public on October 19, 2022, when he was spotted leaving an Athens restaurant with his wife, and two sisters.  

King Constantine II was born on June 2, 1940, the second of three children and the only son of King Paul and Princess Friederike of Hanover.    He succeeded his father in March 1964.  Seven months later, the new king married Princess Anne Marie of Denmark, the youngest of three daughters of King Frederik IX of Denmark and Princess Ingrid of Denmark. 

He and his family were forced to leave Greece in 1967 after a failed countercoup against the military dictatorship.   Several months after the democratic government was restored, Greeks voted to abolish the monarchy in a referendum that many believed was rigged against the King.

King Constantine II and Queen Anne Marie have five children: Princess Alexia (1965), Crown Prince Pavlos (1967), Prince Nicholas (1969), Princess Theodora (1983), and Prince Philippos (1986).

The King is one of the Prince of Wales' godparents.< 

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He is a descendant of Queen Victoria (as is Queen Anne Marie) through both his parents.

Victoria - Victoria - Sophie - Paul - Constantine

Victoria - Victoria - Wilhelm II - Victoria Luise - Friederike - Constantine

Victoria - Arthur - Margaret - Ingrid - Anne Marie

The late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and King Paul were first cousins.

George I - Constantine - Paul

George I - Andrew - Philip

King Charles III and King Constantine II are second cousins.

The King is also a double descendant of King Christian IX of Denmark

Christian IX - Wilhelm (George) - Constantine - Paul - Constantine

Christian IX - Thyra - Ernst August - Friederike - Constantine

Christian IX =- Frederik VIII - Christian X - Frederik IX - Anne Marie


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I hope the best for him.

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I am so sorry to hear of this. I've always admired him.