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Archduchess Mechtildis marries Polish Prince

 January 11, 1913

HI &RH Archduchess Mechtildis of Austria was married today to Prince Olgierd Czartoryski at Zywiec Castle in  Saybusch, Poland,   The 21-old Archduchess is the fourth child of Archduke Karl Stephan of Austria and his wife, Archduchess Maria Theresia of Austria, Princess of Tuscany.

Archduke Friedrich represented Emperor Franz Josef at the wedding.  Other members of the Imperial Family were also present along with "a large gathering of the high Polish nobility, according to the Observer.

Mechtildis's wedding took place two days after the wedding of her older sister, Archduchess Eleonora who married Alfons von Kloss.  Eleonora's marriage also took place at Zywiec Castle.

Before the weddings took place, both archduchesses were required to renounce their rights to the throne as their marriages are unequal, according to Habsburg laws.

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