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The Queen will soon bump off another

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 On June 2, Queen Elizabeth II will become the second longest-reigning monarch in history. She will bump King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand (1927-2016) to third place.

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The Massachusetts-born king reigned for 70 years and 126 days.  The Queen will tie that record on June 1

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 Eleven days ago, she surpassed  Johann II, Prince of Liechtenstein (1858-1929), whose reign lasted for 70 years and 91 days.

But it will take another 739 days for the Queen to become the longest-ever reigning monarch.  

 Mark your calendar for May 25, 2024, because that is the day the sun will set on King Louis XIV (1638-1715)  of France's record of 72 years if Queen Elizabeth II is still alive.

 This record has been the gold standard since September 1, 1715, the day the king died.  His successor was his great-grandson, King Louis XV, who is 15th on the list with a reign that lasted 55 years, 251 days.

Queen Victoria is in eighth place with a reign that lasted 63 years, 216 days.  

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 Victoria's grandfather,  King George III is fifteenth on the list (59 years, 96 days).

Queen Elizabeth appears twice on the longest-reigning sovereigns list.  As the Queen of Jamaica, she is in 14th place (59 years, 285 days.)

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 Elizabeth is the only incumbent on the list of the 25 longest-reigning monarchs.   

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LauraS said...

Louis XIV did have the advantage of becoming King when he was four years old!

Elena Ciocan said...

Isn't on June 12 that she becomes the second longest reigning monarch? Bhumibol reigned for 70 years, 126 days. Queen Elizabeth reigns since 70 years, 105 days, thus 21 more days to surpass him, which means June 12.

Andrea said...

He outlived nearly bis complete family.
When he died, a grandson, who was King of Spain and a great-grand son were alive.