Saturday, May 21, 2022

Princess Sixtina of Waldeck Pyrmont (1922-2022)


H I LL Princess Irmgard Sixtina Juliana of Stolberg-Stolberg was born in Stolberg on November 4, 1933, the first of four children of I Ill H Wolff-Heinrich, 3rd Prince and Count of Stolberg-Stolberg (1901-1971) and his wife, Irma Erfurt.

Princess Sixtina married HSH Prince Georg-Friedrich Nikolaus of Waldeck und Pyrmont on August 29 (civil) and August 30, 1961, as both the civil and religious weddings took place in Arolsen.   Prince Georg (1936-2020) was the second of five children of HSH Prince Georg Wilhelm Karl Viktor of Waldeck und Pyrmont and Countess Ingeborg  von Platen Hallermund.


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