Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Another QVD: Peter of Serbia acknowledges daughter

HRH Prince Peter of Serbia

Prince Peter of Serbia, who renounced his rights and the rights of his descendants, to the Serbian throne on April 27, is the father of a young daughter, who lives in London.  This exclusive was published by a Serbian newspaper, Kurir.

His pronouncement statement included the following clause: "By the act of abdication, I renounce myself and all of my descendants who were born or will be born in a marital relationship or out of wedlock."

Prince Peter has acknowledged that he is the father of a daughter, who lives in London with her mother.  He sees his daughter and provides the appropriate financial support, according to the newspaper.   

He lives with his mother, Princess Maria da Gloria of Orleans and Braganza, and her second husband, the Duke of Segorbe, in Seville, where he works as a graphic designer.

The identities of the mother and her daughter are not publicly known, but birth records in the United Kingdom are public.  Everyone has the right to search the General Records Office database for births, marriages, and deaths.

The Serbian article states that the child is between 7 and 8 years old.   This child with the surname Karageorgevitch was born in 2017.  Her middle names are Luna Noor.  Luna is the first name of one of Peter's half-sisters.  It has not been confirmed if this is Peter's daughter, however.

The mother's surname is Jones.

Peter's daughter is, however, a double descendant of Queen Victoria.

Victoria - Alfred - Marie - Marie -Peter - Alexander - Peter - daughter

Victoria - Victoria - Sophie - Alexander - Alexandra - Peter -Alexander - Peter - daughter


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