Monday, December 28, 2020

Paul remains AWOL


Paul al Romaniei (Paul Lambrino) has been found in Italy, according to Stiri Diaspora, a Romanian newspaper.  This has not been confirmed by other sources.

The elder son of the late Carol Lambrino, eldest son of the late King Carol II and his first wife, Zizi Lambrino, was sentenced to three years and four months in prison nearly two weeks ago.  Although an international warrant has been issued for his arrest, had not turned himself in or has been located. However, it was learned this afternoon that Paul was in Italy.

He was convicted of illegal business deals with the sale of formerly royal properties including a farm in Băneasa and the Snagov forest.  He was not the legal owner of either property.

According to a family friend, Florin Ghiulbengian,  Paul "had gone to Portugal where he had opened a succession process.  Lia [Paul's wife] spoke to him on the day of the decision but has not spoken since."

He was also asked if Paul will come back and surrender.  The response was to the point:  "No way."

Paul's wife, Lia, and their young son, Carol Ferdinand, are currently living in an "impressive villa" in Bucharest's Sector 2, but they may be forced to move because of Paul's conviction as they no longer have the money to pay the mortgage.

If Paul is found and extradited to Romania, he will not serve his entire sentence due to his age.  He is 72 years old and will serve only a third of his sentence.   He claims he was unjustly convicted and plans to sue Romania in the European Court of Human Rights.

Lia says she does not know where her husband is.  However, family members say that he may seek political asylum in a European country, perhaps Luxembourg or Liechtenstein, where family members say Paul has been recognized as a member of the Romanian Royal family.


Andrew said...

I think it very unlikely he would claim asylum in Luxembourg. The Schengen countries of the EU normally give freedom of movement, although there have been temporary restrictions due to covid and migrants landing in dinghies in Italy and Greece. I think it would be big news if any EU country were to give asylum to anyone in another EU country.

Bridget =) said...

he sounds like a real.... prince! LOL. Spoiled brat.