Thursday, December 10, 2020

Belgian government makes offer to Princesses


December 10, 1910

The Belgian government is prepared to make an offer to the three daughters of the late King Leopold II, reports the New York Times.  The government is expected to pay each princess $800,000, and will also set "a similar sum for each sister as the basis of a life annuity."  These amounts will be treated as their share in King Leopold's fortune. 

The meeting is expected to take place in Vienna.   Princess Clementine, the late king's youngest daughter, and her husband, Prince Victor Napoleon, are expected to arrive in Vienna next week to visit Emperor Franz Josef.   Clementine has already received an advance of $400,000 "without prejudice  to her further expectations."

Princess Stephanie, who has already refused the offer, is also expected to be in Vienna with her husband Count Lonyay, and she will be meeting with Clementine.   Stephanie refused the officer as her other sister, Princess Louise, plans to sue the Belgian government.   Clementine and Stephanie also plan to claim a full third of their father's fortune.

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