Friday, December 18, 2020

Paul Lambrino: A Wanted man


Bucharest Police

Paul Lambrino, who is also known as Paul-Philippe Hohenzollern and Paul al Romanei,  remains a wanted man.  Al Romaniei is the name used on his Romanian identification card.

Bucharest police have posted the warrant for his arrest on their website. 

On Thursday, the grandson of King Carol II was found guilty of numerous charges in the case of the illegal restitution of  Băneasa Farm.  He was sentenced to three years and four months.  This was the final ruling by the Court and cannot be appealed.

Last evening, the police went to Lambrino's Bucharest home to escort him to the Rahova Penitentiary.   After a search of the house,  the police did not find Lambrino.  His wife, Lia, was at home but she refused to provide details of her husband's whereabouts.  

Lambrino is believed to be in Portugal.   An international arrest warrant has been issued for Paul Lambrino.

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