Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Duke of York talks - and it is not a good thing

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The Duke of York must retire as an active member of the Royal Family.  He has no business carrying out official engagements and heading patronages.

Earlier tonight the Duke of York gave an ill-conceived interview to BBC Newsnight.   He is not worthy of representing the Queen and the United Kingdom. 

This is a link to the interview with BBC.


Unknown said...

I agree with you, Marlene!

BlueSaphire70 said...

I totally agree. He should be put on permanent paper clip counting duty with zero access to the press. Then maybe, just maybe, he can avoid further embarrassment for himself and the royal family as well as a possible prosecution.

Brittany V. said...

See, now I disagree with your opinion that he must retire. I believe that the interview was the correct thing to do, as it gave a larger portion of his side of the story and is directly from him. It is also in line with the way that members of the royal family have been handling struggles from their pasts: confronting them in a personalized manner through interviews (i.e. the interviews William and Harry have given regarding their mother, their mental health issues stemming from her death, and the documentary Harry and Meghan did).

Should he probably remain low key for a while? Yes. But I, personally, can't fault him for having a poor judgment call in going to see him in person to sever ties. It's a very human mistake, and one many are prone to. Just because he is royal doesn't mean there should be a double standard in forgiving a mistake/lapse in judgment.

Brent said...

I watched it...cringe worthy and embarrassing .

Jérôme J. said...


Robbie said...

I agree totally.....A big mistake in doing the interview.

Lisa said...

There was nothing wrong with giving an interview per se as aforementioned it is a very British Royal thing to do and it does help to paint the whole picture.

In fact, this interview could have gone very well if Andrew took responsibility for his errors in judgements, apologized, and even showed some sympathies for the accusers-himself being a father of young women.

He could have spun the narrative to come out on top.

Instead, he took what was a golden opportunity and turned it to a disaster of epic proportions!
He repeatedly lied, fumbled for words, was unapologetic, and refused to take accountability for his numberous lapses in judgement.

It may be time after all to hang up the hat.

John said...

I feel sorry for the two York princesses, who seem like nice well adjusted women, to have to live down the association with such buffoon parents. I also would say the Cambridges and Sussexes will only shine in comparison to the Duke of York.

John said...

I noticed Sarah was heaping Andrew's praise on Twitter a few days ago, she seems to think the interview went off well and that he's a real gentleman. But nothing in the last few days. I hope this doesn't cast a pallor over Bea's wedding next year.