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Earl of Southesk engaged to marry

The Earl of Southesk is engaged to marry Camille Ascoli, daughter of Roberto Ascoli and  Valérie Marie Christine Ledoux.   The future countess has an Italian father and an French mother.  She born on June 6, 1990 at Paris.

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Lord Southesk, the eldest of three sons of the 4th Duke of Fife and his wife, the former Caroline Bunting, was born on October 8, 1989.

Since April 2013,  Lord Southesk, who uses the name Charlie Carnegie, is the head of Thematic Research with Arisaig Partners and is based in Hong Kong.  He has a First Class Hons International Business (MA) degree from the Edinburgh University.  He is based in the firm's Hong Kong office.

Camille Ascoli has a MA in French and Italian from Oxford University.  Her father, who is originally from Milan, Italy, has been based in Hong Kong for many years.   The future countess has worked for Loréal since 2014 and has held positions with the company in Milan and Hong Kong.  Since September 2018, she has been Senior Product Brand Manager, based in London.

Lord Southesk is a descendant of Queen Victoria through her eldest son, King Edward VII's eldest daughter, Princess Louise, Princess Royal, who married Alexander Duff, Earl of Fife.(1849-1912).  Queen Victoria bestowed a dukedom of Alexander on the day of his wedding to Louise, thus becoming the Duke of Fife and the Marquess of Fife. 

He is also a descendant of William IV through his natural daughter, Elizabeth FitzClarence, who married the 18th Earl of Erroll.  Their daughter, Lady Agnes Hay married James Duff, who were the parents of Alexander Duff, who married Princess Louise.

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Princess Louise and the Duke of Fife had three children:  a stillborn son (Alistair) in 1890;  Lady Alexandra (1891-1959) and Lady Maud (1893-1945).  In  November 1905, King Edward VIII named Louise as Princess Royal and created Alexandra and Maud as Princesses with the rank of Highness.    Five years earlier, Queen Victoria recreated the Dukedom of Fife to allow for the Duke's daughters and their male heirs to succeed.  The secondary title was changed to Earl of Macduff.

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In 1912,  Lady Alexandra succeeded her father as the 2nd Duchess of Fife.  A year later,she married her mother's first cousin, HRH Prince Arthur of Connaught.  Although she was a peeress in her own right, she was styled as HRH Princess Arthur of Connaught.   The couple had one son, Alistair (1914-1943), who was heir to the Fife and Connaught dukedoms.  Prince Arthur died in 1938, thus predeceasing his father, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, who died in 1942.

The Connaught and Strathearn dukedom became extinct in 1943 following the death of Alexandra's only son, Alistair, 2nd Duke of Connaught.

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Princess Maud, married in 1923 to Charles, Lord Carnegie (1893-1992), heir apparent to the Earl of Southesk.  Following her marriage, she was styled as the Lady Maud Carnegie, until her husband succeeded to the earldom, when she became the Countess of Southesk.  Her first cousin, King George V, had not agreed with his father's decision to elevate Alexandra and Maud to princesses. So when Maud married, he suggested that she drop the title of Princess and the HH, and return to the style of a Duke's daughter, as the Lady Maud Carnegie.

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Maud's only son, James Carnegie, styled as Lord Carnegie from his father's accession to the earldom until the death of his Aunt Alexandra, when he succeeded as the 3rd Duke of Fife in 1959.  Three years earlier, he had married the Hon. Caroline Dewar.  This marriage ended in divorce in 1966.  The couple had three children: stillborn (1958), Lady Alexandra (1959) and David (1961), who is the present Duke of Fife and Earl of Southesk.

In 1992, the 3rd Duke of Fife also succeeded to his father's earldom, as the 11th Earl of Southesk.  Shortly after the Lord Southesk's death, the family announced that the Duke's heir, David, the Earl of Macduff, would be styled as the Earl of Southesk, as a courtesy title.   David's eldest son, Charles, was styled as Lord Carnegie.   The Duke of Fife is the actual Earl of Southesk, however, but due to the inheritance of the Southesk estate,  the heir to the Dukedom will be styled, not as the Earl of Macduff, but as the Earl of Southesk.

Times.  March 3, 1992

The family estate is Kinnaird Castle in Brechin, Scotland.

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