Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Breaking News: Andrew to Step down from official duties

HRH The Duke York makes it official. In an unprecedented move, the Duke of York, eighth in line to the throne, is stepping down from all official duties. This is being done with the permission of the Queen

 Chris Ship, the ITV Royal Correspondent, has provided information on patronages, as well as the Duke's office.

However, it must be noted that the Sovereign Grant did not cover the Duke's engagements or his office.    Please see this link for more information. This article sets the stage for how Andrew was sent to the woodshed.

Rather than start new posts, I will continue to update this post/

November 21.

The Outward Bound Trust has accepted the Duke of York's resignation as Patron.  He had succeeded his father, HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, earlier this year.  Princess Beatrice is one of the Board's Trustees.

The Duke  also stepped down as Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield and the The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions has announced that he is no longer president of their group.

For the time being, Andrew will continue with Pitch@Palace, but this will be done privately, although of number of businesses will no longer support the charity.  Several sponsors, including Standard Chartered and KPMG have announced that they have withdrawn their support for the organization.

November 22

More charities are dropping the Duke of York, including the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the English National Ballet.

Although several news reports have stated that Andrew has stepped down from Pitch@Palace,  Buckingham Palace has denied this, but noted that Andrew will continue to work with his pet project outside the Palace.  How he will do this has not been explained (or thought out) as the organization has lost major sponsors, the most recent is Barclays. 

It is also being reported that Amanda Thirsk will work through January and the moved to a position with Pitch. Stay tuned ... this could change tomorrow.


The Blessed Virgin said...

Best news he has done. Maybe in the future, he can come back in a small capacity. But he is a small fish amongst bigger fish taking the fall.

BlueSaphire70 said...

For everyone's sake, including his own, I hope he does stay permanently out of all public endeavors. I really hope he finds some innocuous occupation to pass his time. Perhaps he could take up gardening or stamp collecting as long as he does it privately and doesn't engage in any public discourse on any subject. I'm hoping he avoids prosecution, if only to spare his mother and daughters the pain and humiliation. I'm afraid it really doesn't look very good for him.