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The Cumberland Princesses

Several of these photos were used in my recent article, The Cumberland Princesses, which was published by Royalty Digest earlier this year.

Marie, Alexandra, and Olga were the daughters of the Duke and Duchess of Cumberland.  The Duke of Cumberland was the son of King Georg V of Hanover, who lost his throne in 1878.   Marie married Prince Max of Baden.  Alexandra married Grand Duke Friedrich Franz IV of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.  Olga did not marry. 

The three sisters and their three brothers,  Georg Wilhelm, Christian, and Ernst August, were first cousins of King George V of the United Kingdom as their mother, Princess Thyra of Denmark, was Queen Alexandra's youngest sister.

All of the photos are from my collection.

Duchess Thyra of Mecklenburg with Prince Friedrich Ferdinand of Schleswig-Holstein and Grand Duchess Alexandra,  Thyra was Alexandra's unmarried daughter.

Crown Princess Cecilie with her two sisters-in-law, Princess Olga of Hannover and Grand Duchess Alexandra (mid-1950s)

70th birthday of Grand Duchess Alexandra , September 29, 1953 at Glücksburg
Back row: Hereditary Grand Duchess Karin, Duchess Thyra and Princess Anastasia
middle row: Hereditary Grand Duke Friedrich Franz, Grand Duchess Alexandra, Prince Friedrich Ferdinand of Schleswig-Holstein (husband of Anastasia)
Front row: Princesses Elisabeth, Irene and Margarethe of Schleswig-Holstein

Back row:  Duke Christian Ludwig of Mecklenburg, Duchess Barbara, Hereditary Grand Duke Friedrich Franz and his wife, Karin
Middle Row:  Duchess Thyra of Mecklenburg, Princess Elisabeth of Schleswig-Holstein, Grand Duchess Alexandra of Mecklenburg-Schwerin,  Princess Irene of Schleswig-Holstein, Princess Anastasia of Schleswig-Holstein (nee Mecklenburg-Schwerin),   Front row,  Duchesses Donata and Edwina of Mecklenburg, Princess Sibylla of Schleswig-Holstein and Prince Friedrich Franz of Schleswig Holstein  (1963)

Queen Frederika with her two Aunts, Alexandra and Olga

Sisters-in-law.  Viktoria-Luise married Prince Ernst August, youngest but only surviving son of the Duke and Duchess of Cumberland.  

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