Friday, April 26, 2019

Is the Duchess of Sussex in labor??? NO

Harper wants you to know that his Mom will let her readers know when the Palace sends out the alert that the Duchess of Sussex is in labor.

Several things you need to know.

The baby will be a boy or a girl.

Just a little over half of the Baby's ancestry will be American.   Mommy Meghan is American.   Harry's maternal great-great grandmother, Frances Work (1857-1947), was an American heiress, the daughter of Franklin Work and Ellen Wood.   In 1880 Frances married  Hon. James Boothby Burke Roche, who succeeded his childless older brother as the 3rd Baron Fermoy.  Their eldest son Maurice, 4th Baron Fermoy, married Ruth Gill.  Their daughter, Frances, was the mother of Lady Diana Spencer.

Baby will be 7th in line to the throne.
Baby will be a fashion trend setter.
Baby will be adorable.
Baby will love and be loved by dogs.  (Cats, too, of course)

Baby will be the fourth grandchild for the Prince of Wales.
Baby will the grandchild of a king and the niece or nephew of a King.

If a boy,  Baby will inherit his father's peerages.

Harper would like a girl to be named Sienna in honor of his really pretty big sister and of course,  a boy should be named Harper.

Any day now, any day now!



Diane Brown said...

Sweet. Glad you will post since I am suspended from Twitter and nothing I do seems to get me back. I have followed their directions to no avail. Log in. You cannot log in being suspended. Change your PW. Still cannot log in. Send an appeal. Need to log in first. But I cannot. You have some access. No I do not.
You cannot call. You cannot email. You cannot ...cannot. I have never been so annoyed in my life. Meanwhile the douche that did this to me located me on IG and sent me another beaten dead kitten.
And I am suspended.

Not a happy girl right now.

BlueSaphire70 said...

Harper is such a handsome boy!

L'Artisan said...

Harper is adorable!

Hels said...

How was Harry's great great grandmother an American? Francis Work is not a name I know.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Hels, Frances not Francis. Diana was a beneficiary of a trust fund from Frances -- the money allowed Diana to buy her apartment after leaving school.

Harry - Lady Diana - Frances Burke Roche - Ma Burke Roche (Lord Fermoy) - James Burke Roche (who married Frances Work)

Tracy M. said...

Hi Marlene!

According to current Letters Patent, Baby Sussex will not be a Royal Highness, but can or will that change when Charles becomes King? Would an elevation in Harry and Meghan's children to royal status be automatic at that time, or would it take another Letters Patent to change it?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Their children will never be royal. I expect that there will be a new Letters Patent when Charles becomes king -- and my prediction: HRH and Prince/ess for children of the sovereign, children of the eldest child and children of the eldest child of the eldest child as a new LP has to take into consideration the children of the heiress apparent. The current LP does not have a provision for the children of a female heir.

Liza said...

Always happy to come here and read your opinions and fun comments, Marlene! Thank you. I have a wild thought, pardon my disruptive line of imagination: IMHO The Royal baby is already happily in the World and enjoying sweet calm time with parents and grand-parents. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex proved to be very skillful in "smoke screens" in the past. I believe that all that fuss about possible baby shower here, in Britain, was one of those. Would her Majesty come to see how her darling grandson and his lovely wife re-modeled the cottage? I think not. I believe that her Majesty save her energy for special events :Like visiting her latest newly born great-grandchild. You may look back and trace the "royal" steps. Imo it reads like a road map to a happy moment far away from madding crowd.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Baby has not arrived . Period. The operation notes to the press release make it clear that the palace wll announce when Meghan is in labor and will announce, a few hours or so after the birth, all the details. When the palace announces that M is in labor, the press pen on the Long Walk will be set up. A few days after the birth, a reporter and a photographer from the Press Association and one TV camera will go to Frogmore cottage. The photos and video will be shared with the rest of the media. Moreover, the queen is only a few minutes away at Windsor Castle --so not a surprise that she popped in.

Liza said...

Wow. After four pregnancies I feel like hyperventilating just reading the operation notes! Brown bag, anyone? I wish them the best and the safest sailing through this ordeal. Thank you for all the above information, Marlene! Liza