Monday, April 1, 2019

A note to my readers

You may have noticed advertisements here on Royal Musings.  After many months of thinking about this, I decided to sign up for Google Adsense.  I have blogged since 2008 - here and on my other blog, Royal Book News.   I have also added adverts on Royal Book News.

I know that my blogs will never major money spinners.  That's okay, but I do enjoy the little extra income that I get from advertising, the Amazon links and the kind donations that I receive every so often.'

You do not have to purchase anything with the Adsense adverts.  If you click on then, I earn a few pennies  ... really .., a few pennies per click.  You can continue to purchase nearly everything from Amazon or by using the book links or the search boxes.  When you make purchases from Amazon, I earn a truly small percentage from your purchases.  The pennies add up to Amazon gift cards.  It takes me about three years to earn a £25.00 gift card.

Both my blogs will always be free, but I am sincerely grateful for the pennies that add up to a few dollars every month and the donations and the coffee.

I love writing both blogs, providing history, royal news and book reviews.  I also love being appreciated.

... and I love coffee

Many thanks from Harper and Sienna's mom


Lisa said...

Write on, Marlene!

Unknown said...

That's OK!��

BrandPointe said...

Your dedication is sincerely appreciated. I will visit the links. I selected the setting to personal them.