Sunday, July 2, 2017

Lord Brabourne engaged to Emma Chaing

The news broke earlier today that Lord Brabourne, the only son and heir to the new Earl and Countess of Mountbatten is engaged to Emma Peggy Chaing, who uses the name Emma Stayhear.

The couple have been engaged since August 2016, and have been together for several years.    The announcement has not been made by Nicholas' family.

Miss Chaing, whose professional name is Emma Stayhear, is an alternative musician (for want of a better term) and sings Hip Hop with Nicholas Knatchbull, who is known  as Fivedimensional Nick.

Miss Chaing was born in Surrey in July 1988. She is the daughter of Benjamin Ka Ping Chaing and Maria Yee Sui Lui.

Emma's father, Ben, is the managing director of Cathay Investments, Ltd.

This is the third engagement for Lord Brabourne.  He was previously engaged to  Zeaphena Bradley and Raz Tedros, respectively.

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The Blessed Virgin said...

Lets hope, she keeps him on the straight and narrow and happy family life.