Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Albert II is not Delphine Boel's legal father

A Brussels court ruled today that Jacques Boel's acceptance that he is not Delphine Boel's natural father, is "unfounded," and Delphine Boel's case, seeking acknowledgement that King Albert II is  her legal father is "inadmissible."

Thus, Albert, who had a long term relationship with Delphine's mother, Sybille de Selys Longchamp, is not Delphine's legal father.   A DNA test proved that Jacques Boel is not her biological father.

Sybille and King Albert began a relationship in 1966, lasting until 1984.  It was not until 1999, when a biographer named Delphine as Albert's natural child.  Later that year, the king acknowledged that he and Queen Paola had marital problems in the 1960s and 1970s, but he would never acknowledge that Delphine was his daughter.

The Court argued that the "tie of filiation is not reduced to biological data."  There are other essential elements, including a child's integration into a family structure.

The Court also acknowledged that the long period of affection - parent and child - between Jacques and Delphine -- demonstrated the role of filiation in Belgian civil law.  Miss Boel was unable to satisfy the burden of proof despite the fact that Jacques Boel is not her biological father.

Miss Boel's lawyer said that the judgment is a "disappointment, but a momentary disappointment."     Her lawyer added that "You can lose battles, but win the war, and I'm determined to win this war, especially as this decision seems to me in many ways to be questionable."

An request for an appeal will be filed in the next few days.


The Blessed Virgin said...

We know the former King isn't the legal father.. But may be the biological father.. That is the question. Why are the belgium courts making it so difficult for a basis need to know if or not.

Unknown said...

So they are going to appeal the ruling. Why is she even bothering still? Ot is quite obvious from looking at her and the King's family that she is his child but if he is not acknowledging the fact what is the point. I am quite sure everyone assumes they are related so if that is the verdict no one will be surprised. I read the ex king transferred all his finances to his wife's name so no one can get any of it. That is not what a real father does. So to keep on seem pointless. She has a dad who raised her and is now being tossed aside for someone who could care less. Let's assume somehow she gets a win will he introduce her to his family and the citizens of Belgium. Will he invited her to get her portrait taken with the Royal family and name her Princess. Will the current king allow her to represent the country at official functions or carry out any duties that royals do. Will she be on the christmas card witn her family and can her kids be included with the other royal kids. If the answer is no she needs to let it go and focus on people that love and accept her and not ignore and pretend she does not exist. You can't force someone to love or even lime you

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Yes, Albert has done some financial wrangling to protect his assets. Being recognized as the daughter of Albert will not make her a member of the royal family. Her parents were not married. All she wants is to have her father recognize. She spent a lot of time with him, but after the very long term relationship ended, Albert chose to ignore, an embarrassment (for him). Albert could have done this differently. He has the example of his late Uncle Charles, who fathered a daughter out of wedlock, but she was not ignored by him or the royal family.

Unknown said...

But explain what it means to have her father recognize her. Does she want him to make an announcement saying she is his child and would that be sufficient? It's obvious the King has no intention of doing so as he would have done so a long time ago. No one else in his family acknowledge her so I am not sure how she expects this to end. Think about it logically, you spend years and years using lots of time and money to get recognition and in the process alienate the family who loved and supported you all along. No court ruling can force acknowledgement or acceptance. She needs to stop embarrassing herself and focus on her family who loves and accept her unconditionally.