Thursday, March 16, 2017

Has Prince Francis of Teck found his Princess

March 16, 1907

Washington and Virginia society are following with deep interest a rumor from London about Miss Nora Langhorne, the youngest of the "five handsome daughters of C.D. Langhorne of Albemarle County, Virginia."  

The New York Times is reporting that Miss Langhorne has "captured the heard and received an offer of the hand of Prince Francis of Teck, the good looking brother of the Princess of Wales."

Prince Francis's family is certainly hoping that he should marry a wealthy American,  but Miss Langhorne does not have a "great fortune."

Her sister,  Nancy, is married to Waldorf Astor, whose father, William Waldorf Astor has "more money than they know what to do with," and the Astors are said to he "heartily in favor of an alliance that would place them in the innermost circle of English society."

Mrs. Astor chaperoned her younger sister, Nora, who made her London debut last season and at once, "attracted the admiration of the smart world.

If this marriage does take place, the Astors will "receive full credit for the match."  Without their support, it would be "impossible" for Prince Francis to "think seriously of marrying the charming Virginian."

Prince Francis is 37,  while his putative fiancee will celebrate her 20th birthday in September.

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