Monday, March 13, 2017

Grand Duchess Victoria responsible for Russian plot

March 13, 1927

The German monarchist newspaper, Nautschaugabe, reports today that Grand Duchess Victoria of Russia, sister of Queen Marie of Romania, is "planning and plotting to win the throne of Russia," according to the New York Times.

Victoria's husband, Grand Duke Kirill recently proclaimed himself as the new Russian Emperor, but most of the Russian nobility have refused to follow him because he was "one of the first to abandon" Nicholas II when the Russian Revolution broke out.

Grand Duke Kirill and Grand Duchess Victoria have "established a small court in a palace in Coburg," where former King Ferdinand of Bulgaria also lives.   Grand Duchess Victoria, a British princess and a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, lived for several years in Coburg as her father, Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh had succeeded to the Coburg Duchy.

Kirill has only $480,000, which is not enough to "sprout an army out of the ground to conquer Russia."    Victoria is determined to "obtain a greater empire," than her sister's.  She is busy trying to raise funds for the "cause of the white race against the red Internationale."   Victoria has told her followers that American financiers have promised the $40,000,000  for her cause.

According to the Nautschausable, Count Faber-Castell loaned Victoria $4,000 so she could travel to Paris to "perfect negotiations" with the American financiers.  When the count was unable to get his money back from Victoria, he lost belief in Kirill's cause.

The newspaper also inferred that Grand Duke Kirill is selling "Russian concessions" to the Americans on the "strength of his future conquest of Russia."

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