Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Will Queen Maria Cristina be regent again?

August 13, 1924

Queen Maria Cristina of Spain arrived in Paris this morning from Switzerland, reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.  She was met by representatives of President Doumerge and Premier Herriot, as well as the Spanish Ambassador.  Maria Cristina, the mother of King Alfonso XIII, is expected to leave for Spain on Saturday.

There "conflicting rumors" about the political situation in Spain.  Newspapers are under "strict censorship, which allows nothing to escape from Madrid," except for information in official communiques.

There may be some credence to the report that the Queen Mother is returning to Spain to "take up the regency for her grandson on the abdication" of her son.  She has received "unusual attention" from the French and Spanish authorities, and while she remains in Paris, Maria Cristina is receiving protection from republican guards.  She has also received a "stream of political visitors" this afternoon and evening, all encouraging the belief that she is about to "return to the political arena."

Queen Maria Cristina served as Regent following the death of her husband, Alfonso XII in 1885.   She was expecting her third child at the time of his death.  The couple were the parents of two daughters, the elder, Mercedes, was the Princess of Asturias, and would have succeeded to the throne as Queen of Maria Cristina's third child was also a girl.  But in May 1886,  she gave birth to a son, Alfonso XIII.  She remained as Regent until he reached his majority.

The Dowager queen is respected by all the political parties in Spain "for her political sagacity."  If King Alfonso abdicates, she would be the "only person" who would be able to form a new government, as the regent for the young Prince of Asturias.

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