Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Princess Alice robbed

August 6, 1904

Princess Alice of Monaco was the victim of a robbery today at the Hotel Mercedes in Paris.  According to the New York Times, the princess was robbed of a "diadem valued at $12,000, other jewels and a sum of money."

The Princess was born Marie Alice Heine in New Orleans in 1858.   She was born Jewish but converted to Roman Catholicism when she married her first husband, the Duke of Richelieu in 1875.   He died in 1880, leaving his widow with a son, Armand, who succeeded as the 8th Duke of Richelieu, and Odile. 

Nine years after the death of her first husband,  Alice married as his second wife, Prince Albert I of Monaco on October 30, 1889.  In May 1902, the couple separated judicially, but there are no plans for divorce.

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