Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pope to rebuke Boris and Giovanna

March 12, 1933

The Associated Press is reporting that Pope Pius "will voice open and sharp disapproval" of King Boris and Queen Giovanna of Bulgaria tomorrow when he will deliver "an allocution to the Cardinals in the Holy Year consistory."

The Pope will, according to officials, "denounce the Orthodox baptism" of Princess Marie Louise, who was born in January.

Prelates believe that Pius "will recall the verbal and written promises" of Boris and Giovanna to him that "all their children were to be baptized Roman Catholics, including the heir to the throne."  He will also remind the king and queen that "it was on this promise" that he gave his permission for Giovanna, a Roman Catholic, to marry King Boris, an Orthodox Christian, in a Roman Catholic ceremony.

This will be the second time that the Pope has "publicly rebuked" the couple.  He used his Christmas address in 1930 to "express his displeasure" at the Orthodox wedding in Sofia that followed the Roman Catholic service in Assisi.  The Pope will point out that this wedding was also contrary to the couple's "written promise."

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